HI 3300

Legacy Products

Hardy offers a broad line of legacy process weighing instrumentation, sensors and scales for use in a variety of applications.  These products may be available in newer versions.  Contact Technical Support at hardysupport@hardysolutions.com to learn more about these products. 

Metal parts await force measurement testing.

Load Cells and Platform Scales

All load cells are not alike. Our legacy load cell line provides an attention to detail beneath the surface that separates a Hardy Load Sensor from a common load cell. Attention to detail saves you time and money.

HI 3300 Tension Controller

Weighing Instruments

Hardy Legacy Weight Controllers have typically been replaced by newer models that offer outstanding performance and an exceptional value.  Product users may find useful reference material in this section. 

HI 803 and HI 813 Portable Shakers

Hardy 800 Series Shakers

HI 800 Series of Portable Shakers

Hardy shakers are instrumental in verifying the accuracy of vibration monitoring systems, an important concern for companies trying to maintain ISO 9000 certification.

The shakers provide a known vibration source that can be used to excite your field sensor in order to verify that the meter displaying the vibration value is correct. This test ensures that the integrity of your sensor, cable, signal conditioning electronics, and meter are functioning properly. The HI 803 model also checks the integrity of the sensor by sending the sensor output signal back into the shaker for comparison with the built-in  reference signal. The HI 803 calculates and displays the sensor's sensitivity
(e.g. 100 mV/g) and this may be compared with the sensor manufacturer's calibration sheet to determine if a replacement sensor is necessary.