HI LPHC Load Point Assembly

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Hardy Legacy Load Cell Assembly HI LPHC.


Legacy Product:  HI LPHC Load Point Assembly

Hardy Process Solutions has a legacy in load point assemblies that may have been upgraded to newer versions.  This information is for the HI LPDC Series Load Point Assemblies and is provided to support customers who may have purchased this product in the past.

The Hardy HI LPHC Load Point Assembly is designed to provide accurate output in the most demanding applications. The load sensor performance exceeds IP67 and NEMA 6 Standards for Wash down Resistance.

The HI LPHC load point assembly is a self-centering, end-loaded, single ended bending beam. The LPH is rigidly supported at one end. The bending beam is hermetically sealed and completely waterproof and supplied with a minimum of ten (10) feet of cable. The load point assembly is designed to resist angular effects and reduce moment sensitivity. The HI LPH comes standard with C2® Second Generation Calibration. This feature allows the load point, to be electronically calibrated without the use of test weights.

The mounting hardware is center pivoted and combines spherical washers that reduce the possibility of error producing side loads. The LPH is designed to compensate for thermally induced expansion and contraction of the scale and support structure. The use of conventional check rods for static loads is virtually eliminated. The HI LPHC Series mounting hardware is available either in alloy or stainless steel