HI LPT Tension Load Sensor

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Hardy HI LPT Tension Load Sensor


Tension Load Sensor and Mounting Hardware

The Hardy Solutions HI LPT Series Load Point Assembly is designed to provide accurate output in the most demanding applications. The load point assembly is used for suspending vessels and for mechanical scale conversions. The HI LPT consists of plated alloy steel mounting hardware with Teflon® insulation, which electrically isolates its stainless steel load sensor from stray currents.

A braided grounding strap provides an alternative path to ground. The HI LPT load sensor is a stainless steel “S” type load cell. The “S”type load cell is sealed with a waterproofing compound and supplied with a minimum of twenty (20) feet of cable. The HI LPT is designed to resist angular effects and reduce moment sensitivity. The load
point assembly comes standard with C2® Second Generation Calibration. This feature allows the load point, to be electronically calibrated without the use of test weights.

The mounting hardware consists of plated steel clevis mounts with nylon insulating washers, Teflon lined rod end ball joints, and a braided grounding strap. The mounting configuration provides for correct alignment of the load and protects the load sensor from stray currents. The HI LPT Series mounting hardware is available in plated alloy steel.