HI 3300 Tension Controller

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HI 3300 Tension Controller


Note:  The Hardy HI 3300  has been replaced by the HI 4060 Rate Controller.  The information on this page is for reference only. 

The HI 3300 Tension Controller provides precision control of winding, unwinding, and intermediate zones in both web and strand processing applications.

The Hardy Tension Controller incorporates an automatic closed loop process to provide precision control over the tension of a web or strand application. It features either a single or dual sensor input to allow for tension measurements on either web rolls, or strand pulleys. The controller measures the tension of the actual product using WAVERSAVER®, Hardy’s industry proven technology that ignores machine vibration to provide accurate readings. Measuring the product’s tension eliminates common problems found in web and strand processes including feathering, breakage, telescoping, wrinkling, and blocking.

The Controller utilizes a PID algorithm to control tension in unwind, rewind or intermediate zones. The standard output from the Tension Controller is 0-10V / 4-20 mA, which can be directed to a brake or a drive. Hardy also provides pneumatic systems to convert the analog output to a pneumatic signal for airbrake operation.

The user-friendly keypad and display provide a short learning curve for plant operators, and menu security levels allows greater control over process setpoints.

The Tension Controller is equipped to provide a quick and painless calibration, with minimal downtime. The Hardy C2® Electronic Calibration allows you to perform a calibration through one-touch initiation without the use of test weights.The Hardy Soft Calibration method allows you to calibrate by entering a reference value and the sensor sensitivity. Finally the Hard Calibration method allows traditional calibration with test weights.

The Smart Diagnostics capability of the Tension Controller allows you to pinpoint process issues from the front panel or remotely, via a PC and a web browser. This provides you with the tools to quickly troubleshoot problems such as tension signal fluctuations and zero shift issues, thus minimizing costly downtime.

Hardy’s mapping feature allows any relay output, input, or alarm to be assigned to any of the states, parameters, or values in the instrument. This feature provides you with the flexibility to customize to your specific application without adding costly components.

Hardy provides network interfaces for all types of plant networks and PLC systems. Whether communicating with a PC, the internet, an Allen Bradley PLC®, or a Siemens controller, Hardy can provide the interface. With the integrated mapping capability, network communications can be set up in a click-and-drag format.