Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Regular maintenance inspections can reduce the chance of errors within the system and minimizes costly downtime. Technicians performing maintenance will inspect plant systems, review electrical or mechanical systems, correct and adjust systems, verify or when required, calibrate as part of Preventative Maintenance programs
and supply documented results.

Hardy will work with you to create a specialized service plan that best fits
your maintenance and support needs. You can create a customized service plan or choose one of the pre-defined service packages shown below.
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Standardized Hardy Preventative Maintenance Agreements
Periodic Scale Verification (frequency per scale) X X X
No Charge troubleshooting labor on site 24/7  X  X  
No Charge parts and material on site troubleshooting  X    
No Charge Instrument repair or replacement  X    
Software Upgrades (selectable per instrument)  OPT  OPT  OPT
Training Programs (designed to your needs)  OPT  OPT  OPT

To request Emergency Service and Troubleshooting, Start-up, Installation, Calibration, Verification or to discuss a Maintenance Agreement please call 800-821-5831 Ext. 9550 or Emergency Service after hours (Standard Hours 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time) and weekends Ext. 9550.