HI 2151/20WC

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HI 2151/20WC replaced by HI 2151/30WC


Note:  The Hardy HI 2151/20 WC was replaced with the HI 2151/30 WC.  This information is placed here for reference only.  

The Hardy Solutions HI 2151/20WC  is a multipurpose, microprocessor based weight converter/controller. Able to perform precise weight measurement even in environments with vibration, the HI 2151/20WC's exclusive WAVERSAVER® quickly ejects noise with frequencies above 0.25 Hz. Response time for stable readings is less than one second. For frequencies above 7.5 Hz, the response time is even faster.

In addition, the HI 2151/20WC provides 985,000 displayed counts of resolution and accepts millivolt signals of up to 30 millivolts from up to eight strain gage load cells/points for display and process control by weight. The unit can also convert the millivolt-level load cell/point signal to an optional 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 or 0 to 5 Vdc analog signal providing noise immune transmission of weight, or to an optional Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) format for parallel communication.

The HI 2151/20WC digitizes the the load cell/point signals for indication on its front panel, six-digit, light emitting diode (LED) display and 30 segment bar graph. The bar graph can be set to display either instrument status or an optional bar graph representation of one of five weight parameters.

Common language prompts lead you through the entire operation and calibration of the instrument. Data is entered using the front panel keypad, which features a definite tactile feel for positive operator control. In addition, parts of the keyboard can be locked to limit operator access and protect data.Data is also protected with the HI 2151/20WC's unique Secure Memory Module (SMM). The SMM stores and protects critical information from corruption such as calibration data, configuration of the setpoints, the standard RS-232C serial port, and various options. All data except for Peak Hold is stored automatically. In addition, data stored in one HI 2151/20WC may be restored in another by simply transferring the Secure Memory Module.

C2TM Second Generation Calibration allows a scale system to be quickly calibrated on site without the use of test weights, material substitution, or force calibration. The HI 2151/20WC can be used in a multitude of industrial and commercial applications requiring weight, level, or mass flow data. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or may be integrated into a process control system by utilizing an extensive serial command set. The instrument provides bidirectional communication over its standard RS-232C port or, optionally, over RS-232C or RS-422/485 serial ports (with the purchase of option boards). Multiple instruments (in RS-422 "multidrop" configuration) may be accessed from a host computer, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), or any other controlling computer.

Under license from Allen-Bradley, Hardy Process Solutions has developed a remote I/O Interface for the HI 2151/20 weight controller. Each weight controller represents a quarter (1/4) rack of the PLC and supports both discrete I/O and block transfers.